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EYENIMAL Outdoor Bark Control

anti-barking device

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  • 2 years 2 years
  • Ultrasounds Ultrasounds
  • Range up to 15 m / 49 ft. Range up to 15 m / 49 ft.
  • Shower proof Shower proof
  • Additional LED lighting Additional LED lighting

The anti-barking device, EYENIMAL Outdoor Bark Control, was conceived for outdoor use. He can be put on a plane surface or suspended thanks to his handle. Once positioned in your garden, this anti-bark device with ultrasound will allow to limit the barkings of your dog or those of your neighbours's dogs.

This efficient anti-barking device will allow you to limit the noise pollutions due to the barkings of dogs and you could take advantage so peacefully of your house and your garden.


  • NO static stimulations
  • Designed for outdoor use

Anti-barking device features

  • Emits ultrasounds up to 15 meters.
  • Convenience LED lighting.
  • 3 barking detection distances: 5 meters, 10 meters or 15 meters
  • Designed to be put on a flat surface or hung thanks to its handle

Reliable and efficient

  • 2-year warranty
  • Shower proof
  • Battery life: 60 days

Anti-bark device Specifications

  • Weight: 650 g (battery included)
  • Dimensions: 19,2 x 11,1 cm
  • Power: 4 1.5-V C LR14 batteries (not supplied)

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