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The VIS1057 monocular is a compact thermal camera intended for exploring outdoor spaces at night and in low light conditions. The VIS1057 allows you to reveal your surroundings and helps you see people, objects and animals. Easy to use, with video recording function and taking photos, it is the perfect companion, both in nature and in your garden.

You can use it day or night.

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  • Thermal sensor: 384 x 288
  • Spectral range: 8-14 µm
  • Field of view: 14° x 10.5°
  • Maximum detection range: 1100 m / 3609 ft
  • Rechargeable (charging cable included)
  • Focal length: 25 mm / 1 in
  • LCD screen: 1290 x 960
  • Allows you to take photos or videos via a free mobile application

Thermal vision monocular features

  • Digital zoom: 4x
  • Detection distance: 1100 m / 3609 ft.
  • Thermal sensor: 384 x 288
  • Frame rate: 50 Hz
  • Field of view: 14° x 10.5°
  • Focal length: 25 mm
  • LCD Screen: 1290*960
  • Working temp: -20°C +50°C
  • Storage temp: -40°C +60°C
  • Photo and video taking
  • Working temperature: -20°C +50°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C +60°C

Reliable and efficient

  • 2-year warranty
  • Waterproof grade: IP66

Thermal vision monocular specifications

  • Weight: 439 g
  • Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 190 mm
  • Rechargeable

1VIS1057 thermal vision monocular

1 nylon carrying case

1 wrist strap

1 charging cable

1 user guide

The NUM’AXES VIS1057 thermal vision monocular

The NUM’AXES VIS1057 thermal vision monocular

What are these high-precision technological devices used for? To see without being seen, whatever the weather conditions. An integrated thermal camera captures the infrared emitted by the objects or living beings that surround us and then electronically recreates an image from this data. It is therefore possible to detect any living or inert matter day or night.

Thermal monoculars are very useful for civil and military security missions because they allow optimal visual recognition of details. It is an essential detection device during the observation, infiltration or attack phases.

Thanks to the K9 metierpassion team


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