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Sensor suitable for anti-bark collars Eyenimal Bark Control Soft, Iki Voice and Iki Sonic

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Two different sensors are supplied with your product.

Short sensor - Height: 8,5 mm.

Long sensor - Height : 16 mm

The long sensor is recommended if your dog has long hair.

Sensors are suitable for anti-bark collars EYENIMAL Bark Control Soft, Iki Voice and Sonic.

1 short sensor - Height: 8,5 mm.


1 long sensor - Height: 16 mm.

How to choose the right length of sensor ?

Two different sensors are supplied with the product.

The length of the sensor must be sufficient to have proper contact with the dog's skin in order to ensure good barking detection.

If you have a long-haired dog and the short sensor fitted to the collar in the factory is inadequate, remove and replace it with the long one supplied with your product.


How to change the sensor ?

When changing the sensor, do not press on the threaded rod, it could damage the components underneath.

Do not use a key to tighten or loosen the sensor; it could damage some components. A moderate manual screwing is sufficient.

If you screw the sensor too much, bark detection is likely to be inefficient.

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