Warranty information - After sales service

Warranty conditions

The warranty will be valid only if the proof of purchase (invoice or sales receipt), without cancellation, is submitted to the distributor or to NUM'AXES. The warranty is limited to the original purchaser.

The warranty does not cover the following:

  • changing the battery, battery charger, power unit
  • changing the strap
  • replacing consumables (spray refill etc.)
  • direct or indirect risks incurred when sending the article back to the distributor or NUM’AXES
  • loss or theft
  • damage to the product caused by:
    • negligence or incorrect use (ex. bites, breakage, cracking)
    • use contrary to the instructions or not envisioned therein
    • repairs performed by unauthorized persons

If the product is found to be defective, NUM'AXES will either decice to repair or to replace it.

No claim may be advanced against NUM'AXES, particularly in relation to incorrect use or breakdown.

NUM’AXES reserves the right to modify characteristics of its products with a view to making technical improvements or to comply with new regulations.

The information contained in the user's guides may be subject to amendment without prior notice.

Photos and drawings contained in the user's guides are not contractual.

Checking your product before sending it for service and repair

Should your product stop working or develop a fault, please check the following points before sending it for service and repair:

  • Carefully read the user's guide supplied with your product. You can download the user's guides at any time on this website. 
  • Check the batteries. Performance of your product may deteriorate as batteries become weak.
    NUM’AXES advises to use the same type and same brand of batteries as those supplied with your new purchased product. Other brands of batteries may not operate or may not be completely compatible with your product. You can purchase the suitable batteries from NUM'AXES or from your distributor.
  • If you have changed the battery, but the product is still not functioning, make sure you followed polarity indicated on the battery housing.
  • For collars with batteries (not rechargeable ones), re-initialize your product by putting in contact the 2 battery contacts for approximately 2 seconds with a metallic tool (see reset procedure in your user's guide).
  • Check your device is functioning properly following the instructions of the user's guide.
  • For bark control collars, check the setting of the barking detection sensitivity.

This setting determines the correct operation of the product. It ensures detection of any barking buts helps avoid unecessary detection. The detection must therefore be sufficiently sensitive but not overly sensitive.

  • For remote training collars, check the radio coding between remote control and receiver collar.

The radio coding enables the remote control (transmitter) and collar (receiver) to work together. To code or re-code your remote control with your collar, follow the procedure described in the user's guide.

  • For pet fencing systems, check the condition of the antenna wire and particularly of the connections (as time passes, oxydation may occur).

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

After sales service

If the problem persists, contact your distributor or NUM'AXES (+ or export@numaxes.com).

Depending on the extent of the malfunction, you may have to return the product for service and repair.