Our history

A French family business

Founded over 30 years ago by the father of the current directors, the NUM’AXES Group develops, manufactures and markets in France and around the world a complete range of technological products for pets and nature activities.

To develop its products for animals, the NUM’AXES Group works in close partnership with specialists (vets, behaviourists, trainers) to ensure that they will give full satisfaction to owners while guaranteeing the well-being and safety of the animals.

Since 2015, the NUM’AXES Group has also been offering a whole range of products designed for all nature and adventure enthusiasts to enable them to enjoy their activities in the best possible conditions of comfort and safety.

With products such as camera traps, cameras, infrared night vision equipment and thermal vision equipment, the NUM’AXES Group is also your partner for all your surveillance needs (forests, equestrian centres, farms, beehives, private homes, etc.).

One group, four brands

In 2024, the NUM’AXES Group grouped its products under four brands, each corresponding to a specific field, in order to clarify its increasingly extensive range:

– Camera traps
– Camera
– Infrared night vision
– Thermal vision

– Earmuffs and earpieces
– Walkie-talkies
– Laser rangefinders
– Binoculars
– Torches

– Barking and meowing control
– Anti-runaway and area protection
– Training
– GPS tracking

– Food bowls and dispensers
– Water fountains and bowls
– Flea combs, brushes and clippers
– Toys for dogs and cats

Our CSR approach

In the social field

In April 2023, the NUM’AXES Group inaugurated a new space at its premises in Olivet.
This new space includes :

  • a social area with coffee/tea machines, chat rooms and a break area with sofas
  • a catering room for employees wishing to have lunch on the premises
  • a meeting room with high-tech equipment for video-conferencing

In the environmental field

For a number of years, the NUM’AXES Group has been implementing initiatives such as :

  • Reducing the use of single-use plastics in its packaging
  • Elimination of plastic lamination on cardboard boxes
  • Reducing paper printouts, in particular by replacing full user guides with quick-start guides (the full guide remains available in digital form on the Group’s website).
  • In 2024, launch of a packaging diagnostic study with the support of ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency), in order to step up the drive to improve the environmental performance of packaging (sales, grouping and transport packaging)
  • Feasibility study into the use of recycled plastic in plastic products
  • Implementation of an eco-design approach in the R&D department

Since it was founded, the NUM’AXES Group has offered its customers product repairs.
For several years after a model has been discontinued, accessories and spare parts remain available (as do repairs).

In order to accelerate its CSR approach, the NUM’AXES Group recruited a work-study student at the end of 2023, whose training is specialised in CSR.

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