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Canifugue Small receiver collar

suitable for NUM'AXES containment systems

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  • For cats and small dogs For cats and small dogs
  • 2 years 2 years
  • Beep sounds Beep sounds
  • 8 levels of stimulation 8 levels of stimulation
  • Waterproof collar Waterproof collar

Don't worry about your runaway cat or dog. With the help of the NUM'AXES pet fencing system, you will be able to keep your pet in complete freedom within a perimeter you have defined.

The Canifugue Small receiver collar is a modern and highly effective system.


  • Unlimited number of collars can be used with one transmitter
  • Integrated safety features
  • 8 stimulation levels available on each collar
  • Rechargeable collar

Product features

  • An unlimited number of receiver collars can be used with one transmitter: you can keep as many dogs as you wish safely in the same area.
  • 8 stimulation levels are available on each collar so you can adjust the product to our dog (size, sensitivity, temperament).

Reliable and efficient

  • 2-year guarantee
  • Waterproof collar
  • Collar battery life: approx. 80 hours (normal use)

Canifugue Small collar specifications

  • Weight: 23 g
  • Dimensions: 44 x 28 x 25 mm
  • Power: 3.7V lithium polymer rechargeable battery
  • Elasticated safe nylon collar – adjustable for neck sizes from 17 up to 55 cm

All the NUM'AXES pet fencing transmitters work with all the NUM'AXES pet fencing receiver collars.

The Canifugue Small receiver collar works with the following pet fencing transmitters:

  • Canifugue FUG1030
  • Canifugue Mix FUG1031 / Canifugue Mix FUG1033 / Canifugue Pro
  • Canifugue FUG1032 / Canifugue Small

1 Canifugue Small rechargeable collar equipped with short contact points

1 elasticated safe nylon strap

1 charging station for the collar

1 power unit for the collar charging station

1 magnetic key (magnet)

1 pair of long contact points

1 neon test lamp

1 user’s guide

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