6V solar panel with built-in battery

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The solar panel converts the sun’s energy to electricity which is then stored in the built-in rechargeable battery.

The solar panel is durable, waterproof and easy to use.

The built-in high capacity battery can be charged using sunlight or an external power supply.

A built-in compass at the back of the solar panel help you optimize its orientation.

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Reliable and efficient

  • Waterproof design suitable for outdoor use
  • Its compact design makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go
  • Built-in compass at the back of the panel to facilitate and optimize orientation
  • Comes with an adjustable ease-to-use mounting bracket
  • Triple battery protection

Product features

  • Built-in battery: 2 pieces 3.7V 18650 lithium batteries, 5200mAh
  • Maximum output: 6V / 1A
  • Output over-current protection
  • Short-cut protection
  • Solar panel output power: 1.6W
  • Solar panel charging current: 320mA
  • Start-up modes:
    • automatic start when more than 0.2W solar power output is detected
    • manual start
    • loading detected
  • Triple battery protection:
    • over discharge protection: stops discharging when voltage is lower than 3.3V
    • over current protection: stops charging when voltage is higher than 4.2V
    • temperature protection: stops charging when temperature is higher than 65°C or lower than 2°C
  • Charging methods:
    • with solar energy
    • with external power supply (5V – micro USB port)


  • Dimensions: 140 x 85 x 25mm / 5.5 x 3.3 x 1in.
  • Weight: 290g / 10.2oz.
  • Output cable length: 3m / 10ft.
  • Watertight

1 solar panel equipped with a 3m/10ft output cable

1 mounting bracket

1 user’s guide

Solar panel installation

  • Install the solar panel so that it is directly facing the sun, in an un-shaded position. Generally in the northern hemisphere, this means the panel is facing south.
  • Ideally, the solar panel is tilted at a 45 degree angle.
  • Do not install the solar panel in a location where the sunlight may be blocked from getting to the panel.
  • The sunlight quality plays a key role in the speed of charge. Cloudy days will increase the time needed to charge the internal battery. The brighter the sunlight, the faster the charge.

Connecting the solar panel to the trail camera

  • Plug the end of the solar panel output cable into the external power port of your trail camera. Press the solar panel ON/OFF button to switch it on (the panel switches on automatically when sunlight is detected). If the built-in battery of the solar panel is charged, the camera will be immediately powered.
  • It is strongly recommended that the batteries be installed inside the camera even when connected to the solar panel. Otherwise, the camera may stop operating due to power shortage. During intensive use of the camera, the solar panel built-in battery may not be charged fast enough, and therefore, it is recommended to equip the camera with batteries for optimal performance.
  • If you use the solar panel with devices other than the PIE1044, PIE1045, PIE1048 and PIE1066 NUM’AXES trail cameras, please carefully check your product manual and contact your device supplier to ensure compatibility before connecting. NUM’AXES assumes no responsibility for any damages that may happen with the improper operation of this product.


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