Magnetic key

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Magnetic key for the following products:

  • Iki Sonic bark control collar
  • Iki Voice bark control collar
  • Iki Pulse bark control collar
  • Canicalm Excel bark control collar
  • Canicalm Sonic bark control collar
  • Canicalm Small bark control collar
  • Canicalm Smart bark control collar
  • EYENIMAL Small Bark Control bark control collar
  • EYENIMAL Bark Control Soft bark control collar
  • Canifugue 2015 pet fencing collar
  • Canifugue Mix 2015 pet fencing collar
  • Canifugue Pro pet fencing collar
  • Canifugue Small pet fencing collar
  • Canicom training collar
  • Canicom R training collar
  • Canicom Expert training collar
  • Canicom Soft training collar
  • Expert 600 training collar
  • Canibeep Pro beeper collar
  • Canibeep beeper collar
  • Canibeep 5 beeper collar
  • Contact Pro tracking collar
  • Navidog tracking collar

Clé magnétique pour les produits suivants :

  • collier anti-aboiement Iki Sonic
  • collier anti-aboiement Iki Voice
  • collier anti-aboiement Iki Pulse
  • collier anti-aboiement Canicalm Excel
  • collier anti-aboiement Canicalm Sonic
  • collier anti-aboiement Canicalm Small
  • collier anti-aboiement Canicalm Smart
  • collier anti-aboiement EYENIMAL Small Bark Control
  • collier anti-aboiement EYENIMAL Bark Control Soft
  • collier anti-fugue Canifugue 2015
  • collier anti-fugue Canifugue Mix 2015
  • collier anti-fugue Canifugue Pro
  • collier anti-fugue Canifugue Small
  • collier de dressage Canicom
  • collier de dressage Canicom R
  • collier de dressage Canicom Expert
  • collier de dressage Canicom Soft
  • collier d’éducation Canicom Voice
  • collier de dressage Expert 600
  • beeper Canibeep Pro
  • beeper Canibeep Radio Pro
  • beeper Canibeep 5
  • radar de localisation Contact Pro
  • radar de localisation Navidog


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