PACK Canicom GPS short antenna and silicone cover included

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PACK Canicom GPS

short antenna and silicone cover included
1 complete set Canicom GPS + 1 short remote control antenna
+ 1 remote control silicone cover

The Canicom GPS tracking kit has been developed to allow you to locate your dog and be guided to him thanks to the electronic compass. For an accurate location, this system uses GPS, Galileo, Glonass and QZSS satellites.

The free “Canicom GPS” application for IOS and Android will provide you with more detailed information by positioning your dog on a map background via satellite views or map.

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Product advantages

  • 2 in 1 GPS system: location + long range education function
  • Location package that uses GPS, Galileo, Glonass and QZSS satellite positioning systems
  • 8 channels available, easily modifiable by the user: functional throughout Europe
  • Robust and waterproof system (IP67)
  • Free IOS and Android app to position your dog on a map background

Features of the Canicom GPS for dogs

Remote control :

  • Equipped with a high sensitivity GPS
  • Electronic compass: guides the owner to the dog
  • Tracking function : allows to follow up to 20 dogs
  • Tracking range: up to 15 km
  • Training function with a range of up to 3 km
  • Possibility of knowing the state of the dog: stationary or moving
  • Detailed information on the selected dog: distance between handler and dog, collar charge, GPS altitude

Collar :

  • Equipped with a high sensitivity GPS
  • Sends information every 3 seconds
  • Training function: vibrations, stimulations

Canicom GPS application :

  • Display of the dog’s position on a map: satellite view or map
  • Creation and recording of landmarks
  • Setting up a virtual fence: you will receive an alert when the dog leaves the area
  • Sharing the dog’s position with other people
  • Calculating the route to pick up the dog

Reliable and efficient GPS tracking system

  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Waterproof (IP67)

Remote control :

  • Remote control with unbreakable screen: 3.67 x 4.89 cm; resolution: 240 x 320 px
  • Remote control battery life: up to 25 hours (depending on settings)

Collar :

  • heavy duty collar
  • Battery life of the collar: up to 30 hours (depending on the settings)


Ergonomics of the Canicom GPS

Remote control :

  • Remote control weight: 250 g
  • Remote control dimensions: 148 x 58,6 x 39,5 mm
  • Power supply: 2 x 2200 mAh lithium-ion batteries
  • Magnetic charger included

Collar :

  • Collar weight: 280 g
  • Collar dimensions: 86 x 45 x 45 mm
  • Power supply : 3500 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Magnetic charger supplied

The Canicom receiver collars are compatible with all the remote controls of the Canicom range.

LOCATION RANGE  up to 15 km
NUMBER OF DOGS up to 20 dogs
FREQUENCIES France: 155.6 et 162.25 MHZ

Europe:  169.4 – 169.475 Mhz

CHANNELS 8 channels available

2 french cahnnels + 6 european channels


(collar + receiver)

DOG STATUS DISPLAY moving or not moving
WATERTIGHTNESS  Waterproof (collar + receiver) – IP67
POWER SUPPLY rechargeable
BATTERY LIFE receiver:  up to 25 hours

collar: up to 30 hours 

(depending on the settings)


1 collar equipped with a high sensitivity GPS antenna and a radio antenna

1 remote control equipped with a high sensitivity GPS antenna

1 long antenna for the remote control

2 magnetic chargers (USB cable + power supply)

1 programming cable

2 pairs of electrodes (short and long)

1 wrist strap

1 rigid carrying case

1 user’s guide

+ 1 short remote control antenna

+ 1 silicone remote control cover

The Canicom GPS application will allow you to refine the location of your dog by positioning him on a cartographic background (satellite or map views).


Canicom GPS update for customers and distributors equipped with the programming cable:

(If you don’t have one, the programming cable for Canicom GPS is for sale on our website). If your charging cables have 4 connectors, you can also use them to update your Canicom GPS.

Follow the Canicom GPS update procedure in 4 steps.

Step 1: Find below the link to the Canicom GPS update procedure : download and carefully read the procedure
Canicom_GPS update procedur

Step 2: download the driver to be able to make your own updates, click on the following link:
Flash Tool + Driver_Canicom

Step 3: To obtain the last firmware for your Canicom GPS remote control, click on the link below. Download it and update it using the programming cable.
Canicom GPS latest remote control

Please note, you must check the version of your Canicom GPS collar before updating it.

NB: version 5.3 is not a newer version of the collar. Only the brand of certain components is different.

To check the version of your collar, put your collar on charge and check the status of the LEDs:
– If you have version 5.2, the LEDs on your collar will take a few seconds to light up,
– If you have version 5.3, the LEDs on your collar will light up immediately.

Step 4: To obtain the latest firmware or your Canicom GPS collar version 5.2, click on the link below. Download it and update your collar with the programming cable.
Canicom GPS latest collar

To get the latest firmware for your Canicom GPS collar version 5.3, click on the link belowDownload it and update your collar with the programming cable.
Canicom GPS latest collar

NB: The NUM’AXES team is available to help you with your product upgrade. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 38 69 96 27

Canicom GPS Pack: interface and main features

Presentation of the interface of the Canicom GPS remote control: description of the main features and keys of your Canicom GPS set.

Canicom GPS: compass calibration

We explain you how to calibrate your compass on the Canicom GPS remote control.

Canicom GPS: getting started and how to add collars

This video shows you how to turn on your Canicom GPS tracking system and how to add collars on your remote control.

Canicom GPS Pack: smartphone application

The Canicom GPS application provides you with more accurate information by positioning your dogs on a map background in map or satellite mode. You will also be able to create landmarks, virtual fences, share the position of the dogs with other users, know the distance traveled by the dog and download its route… Discover the many features of this application.


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