Trail camera with built-in solar panel – model PIE1069

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The PIE1069 trail camera offers an almost unlimited battery life outdoors thanks to the built-in solar panel.

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PIE1069 trail camera features

  • Solar panel with built-in rechargeable lithium battery:
    • 3.7V – 4000mAh
    • The solar panel built-in battery can be charged with solar energy or with the supplied USB cable
    • The camera uses energy from the solar panel first before using energy from the batteries (if you have any installed)
  • Field of view: 90°
  • PIR sensor (motion/heat sensor):
    • Detection angle: 60°
    • Detection distance: up to 65 feet (20 meters)
    • Adjustable detection sensitivity: High | Medium | Low
  • Infrared flash:
    • 26 invisible LED | Wavelength: 940 nm
    • Flash range: up to 65 feet (20 meters)
    • Automatic IR Flash (activated according to ambient brightness)
    • Adjustable flash brightness: Auto | Medium | Low | OFF
  • Very quick trigger speed: approximately 0.3 second
  • Capture modes:
    • Still images: from 1 to 10 images per trigger
    • Videos: programmable length from 5 seconds to 3 minutes
    • Still images + videos: a still photo and a video clip are both captured for each trigger
  • Image sensor: 2 Mega Pixel color CMOS
  • Image resolution: 2MP | 5MP | 8MP | 12MP | 16MP | 20MP
  • Programmable shutter speed: 1/15 | 1/20 | 1/30
  • Image file format: JPEG
  • Video resolution: 360p | 480p | HD 720p | FULL HD 1080p | FULL HD 1296p
  • 30fps (frames per second)
  • Programmable audio recording (ON | OFF)
  • Video file format: MPEG-4
  • PIR detection mode: the camera will take photos and/or videos when triggered by the PIR sensor (motion/heat sensor) detecting activity in the area it covers
  • Time Lapse mode: the camera will take photos and/or videos automatically at your choice of interval. In this mode, the PIR sensor is deactivated.
  • Programmable operating time periods
  • Stamp on photos/videos: date, time, temperature, moon phase, energy level, camera name
  • Memory support: micro SD card up to 128GB U1 class 10 minimum (not supplied). You can purchase micro SD cards from the present website at any time.
  • Night capture when energy level is low: 2 choices
    • No IR flash: at night, if the power level is too low, the device will take photos/videos without triggering the infrared flash.
    • No capture, at night, if the power level is too low, the device will no longer take photos/videos. It will take them only by day.
  • Name of the device: programmable – allows you to identify from where and from wich camera the photos are
  • Password: programmable
  • Cycle recording on the memory card: programmable (ON | OFF) – with this parameter set to ON, when the memory card will be full, the camera will continue to record photos/videos by deleting the oldest ones.
  • Location for a padlock on the camera

Reliable and efficient

  • 2-year warranty
  • Weather resistant (IP66)
  • Trigger speed: approximately 0.3 second

PIE1069 trail camera specifications

  • Weight: 404g (without batteries) | 496g (with batteries)
  • Dimensions: 143 x 107 x 95mm
  • Power: solar panel and/or 4 x  AA alkaline batteries or 4 AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries (not supplied) – You can purchase those batteries at any time on this web site.
  • Stand-by time:
    • Outdoors: almost unlimited battery life thanks to the solar panel
    • Indoors: approximately 12 months
  • LCD screen: TFT colour screen 2″
  • Built-in mini USB 2.0 port (for images/videos download + solar panel charging port)
SCREEN 2.0’’colour
IR FLASH RANGE approximately 20 m/65.6 ft
PIR SENSOR RANGE approximately 20 m/65.6 ft
TRIGGER SPEED 0.3 second
EXTERNAL MEMORY Micro SD card 128 GB maximum (not included)
PHOTOS/VIDEO DOWNLOAD Via USB cable or SD card reader
POWER SUPPLY Built-in solar panel 

4 x alkaline or NI-MH AA batteries (not included)



1 trail camera model PIE1069

1 USB cable

1 wall mounting system

1 nylon mounting strap

1 user’s guide

Listed below are some useful pointers on how to use your trail camera to get the best results:

  • Mount the camera about 1.5~2 m (5~6 ft) high with the camera pointed at a slight downward angle.
  • Mount the trail camera facing north or south not east or west as the rising ans setting of the sun could produce false triggers and overexposed images.
  • If you’re covering a trail, face the camera down or up the trail.
  • Clear out any brush or weeds in front of the trail camera. These can cause false triggers due to temperature and motions disturbances in front of the camera (especially on windy days).


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