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Photo/video surveillance

As a professional, you may need surveillance tools to secure a construction site, parking lot, building or other outdoor assets.
Enhance the security of your business premises with our night vision cameras. These devices, equipped with infrared or thermal technology, provide optimum surveillance, day and night. Weatherproof, they can be used to protect your property or even observe animals at night.
Find out more about our night vision surveillance solutions, their advantages and specific features.

Cameras and camera traps: observe animals and keep an eye on your outdoors

Night vision cameras, also known as camera traps, are suitable for a variety of uses, for both private and professional users.
There are 2 types of night vision cameras: thermal and infrared. They are used by a variety of people, such as hunters, scientists, private individuals and professionals, for different specific applications.

  • Individuals can set up a camera trap in their garden, especially if it’s unfenced and close to a natural area, to capture photos and videos of animals.
  • Professionals can use these cameras as a surveillance system for goods or people, for example in the construction sector to prevent theft of materials or intrusion on building sites.
  • Scientists, whether amateurs or professionals, can observe, study and analyze the habits and behaviors of wild animals using photo traps, without disturbing them in their natural habitat.
  • As for hunters, hunting cameras enable them to collect data on a species’ population, monitor territories or study game movements.

The infrared camera

The infrared vision camera is often used for night-time surveillance in low-light conditions, but it cannot detect heat emitted by objects.

The advantages are as follows:

  1. An infrared camera is unaffected by temperature variations; it proves extremely reliable in a variety of outdoor environments.
  2. It detects movement and activity in total darkness, without the need for an additional light source.
  3. Its infrared LEDs illuminate the scene without the light being visible to the naked eye. So neither humans nor animals can detect the presence of a camera.

The thermal vision camera

Thermal vision is effective for detecting the presence of objects or animals in total darkness, as well as for hunting surveillance, search and rescue, fire detection, and other applications requiring heat detection.

These benefits include:

  1. Thermal cameras can detect an intruder through visual barriers such as smoke, fog, dust or dense bushes. As a result, they provide clear images in difficult environmental conditions.
  2. They detect objects at very long distances, making them ideal for large-scale surveillance.
  3. Thermal cameras provide precise images of people and objects according to their temperature, making it easier to identify intruders and anomalies.

A camera for every purpose

Hunting cameras, camera traps, night vision binoculars… there’s a camera for every purpose! Let’s define the right camera for each profile.

Which camera do you need to observe animals at night?

Animal observation is easy and fun with camera traps. Triggered by a motion detector, with infrared or thermal vision, photo traps allow you to watch in real time, or after the fact, the animals that have ventured onto our land.

Which night vision camera is right for hunting?

For hunting in particular, we offer hunting cameras as well as binoculars and spotting scopes for day and night observation. Our cameras are discreet and blend in perfectly with the natural landscape, so that they are invisible to animals.

Which video surveillance camera do you need to film your outdoors in the dark? How does it work at night?

To properly detect and monitor intruders in an outdoor space, but also to quickly identify them, you need a night vision camera.
Equipped with a motion detector and infrared, color or thermal vision, the video surveillance camera will enable you to receive an alert in the event of movement and access the image in real time.
So get a camera trap that’s connected or has a SIM card.

360° vision cameras with color video

To go even further, and monitor a 360° space, choose equipment with a high degree of capture. NUM’AXES offers its CAM1071 model, equipped with a 2-axis rotating camera:

  • Horizontal: 355
  • Vertical: 90°.

This model is also equipped with white flashes, illuminating up to 50 m2, for night-time color video if required.

All the night vision equipment you need is available from NUM’AXES: cameras, camera traps, binoculars…

As you can see, NUM’AXES offers you professional cameras, photo traps and effective night vision tools for your professional needs.
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