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  • Testimonial of Christophe about the Canicalm Smart

    My closest neighbour told me that in our absence, our dog was barking at the slightest opportunity. I didn’t want to be the source of a neighbourhood dispute, but i was still hesitant about putting a bark control collar on my dog because I didn’t have any concrete evidence. Then, I discovered the Canicalm Smart interesting innovation ! Thanks to its application, I had the confirmation that my neighbour was right: my dog was frequently barking, I even had details on the number of barks , at what time… I am very satisfied with the Cannicalm Smart efficiency and my neighbour too !

  • Testimonial of Christophe about the Canicom Voice

    My dog, a golden retriever, tends to go too far during our walks and I was afraid of losing him. I learned about Canicom voice 200 and found its concept very positive. On the first use, my dog was surprised and stopped dead. When he turned around, he saw me in the distance and quickly understood that he had to come back to me. I recorded short messages and a whistle because my dog is used to my whistling. This education collar reassures me during our walks. It’s a great communication tool.

  • Testimonial of Déborah about the Canicom 800

    Until the age of 6 months, my dog Alpha took group lessons from a dog trainer to learn basic education. However, she suffered from the syndrome called « separation anxiety ». Contact with other dogs during our walks disturbed her and she listened to nothing. She was impossible to control. The education collar allowed me strengthen the training and gradually regain confidence. Now, all is well for both us.

  • Testimonial of Maëlle about the Canicom 5.1500

    One year ago, in a shelter, I adopted a Doberman who had lost his bearings. I use the Canicom 5.1500 training collar which is essential for our walks when I’m alone. This tool allows me to manage certain situations that could endanger my dog’s life or that of others, for example when he starts running after a car or bicycle. This collar is a real help for some dogs like mine which has kept some bad reflexes despite an important work with an educator. Now, I’m more serene to let him go because I know that the collar is a link between us when my voice is no longer enough.

  • Testimonial of Sébastien about the Smart Bloom Pet Fountain

    This fountain has a lot of cool little extras: the motion detection function is great because it attracts my cats and encourages them to drink. When you press the little red led, you can see the water level by transparency without opening the cover! Thanks to its cubic shape, it’s easy to position the fountain against a wall.

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